How to log in

How to log in

You have encountered a problem with Perhaps you are trying to log in to your user account but you are getting an error message when you click on the login link. Or maybe after successfully logging into your user account, all you are seeing is a blank page.

Before contacting us for help, here are a few troubleshooting steps to try. If ever you are unsure about how to accomplish one of these steps, you are likely to find some helpful information by looking up your question in your usual search engine, such as Google.

  • Have you logged out and back in?
    If the unexpected behavior relates to your user account, as a first step, try logging out and logging back in.
  • Have you refreshed your browser?
    If you are having trouble with a page on NMOneSource, try reloading it. Depending on your browser, you will find the reload button to the right or left of the address bar.
    If the problem persists, try a “hard refresh” of the page. Depending on your operating system (Windows or Mac), you simply need to do the following key combination:
    • Windows: Ctrl + F5
    • Mac: Apple or Command + R
  • Have you cleared your browser cache?
    When you visit a web page, most browsers automatically save its resources, such as its HTML and images, to your local hard drive to make loading the page faster. This is referred to as browser cache. Browser cache can sometimes prevent fixes or updates to a web page.
    To clear your browser cache will depend on which browser you’re using. If you’re using Chrome, for example, go to the menu > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data.
  • Are your browser and operating system up-to-date?
    Software updates are important to your digital safety and to the proper functioning of your browser and device. Software updates can include repairing security holes and fixing bugs. If you’re experiencing a problem when using, check to make sure that your browser and operating system are up-to date. If not, take the time to do so and then see if you’re able to reproduce the problem. Can you reproduce the problem with another browser?
    Some problems can be browser-specific, meaning, for example, that they will occur only when using Internet Explorer 11, but not when using Google Chrome.
    With a different browser, try repeating whatever action or accessing whatever page that is causing a problem in your default browser.
  • Have you tried restarting your device?
    If the previous steps have not solved your problem, try rebooting your device.
    If these 6 steps have not addressed the issue, it’s time to communicate with Lexum’s customer success team at
  • Am I providing enough information to Lexum for them to help me troubleshoot?

Lexum understands how frustrating it can be when a site does not behave as expected and they’re happy to help find a solution with you. To help Lexum reproduce the issue, which allows them to assist you more rapidly, here’s what to do:

  1. Provide a clear explanation of the problem: Try to be concise and precise. Provide the URL of the page that is causing the problem. “I’m trying to access an opinion but it’s not working.” is too vague. An appropriate level of detail could be: “I’m trying to access the opinion State v. Deans, 2019-NMCA-015, but I’m seeing a blank page. The URL is:”
  2. Provide a screenshot: Microsoft Windows comes with a Snipping Tool utility that makes it easy to take a snapshot of your screen. Apple computers also come with built-in tools that let you capture an image of your screen. When providing a screenshot, make sure that your browser’s address bar is visible. Add the screenshot to your email as an attachment.
  3. Indicate what browser (and version) you’re using, as well as what operating system: Are you using macOS Mojave on a Mac or Windows10 Pro on a PC? Are you using Chrome version 79.03683.103 or Firefox 66.0.3? This information is invaluable for troubleshooting.

Browser versions can usually be found in your browser’s menu under Help > About. For your operating system, check your computers About menu which you’ll find in Windows’ Settings or in the Apple menu.