Rule Set 14 – Uniform Jury Instructions - Criminal

This page contains rule amendments approved and filed by the New Mexico Supreme Court after 11-28-2016, which is the publication cutoff date for the 2017 New Mexico Rules Annotated. Please note that recently approved rule changes in redline format are found in the column entitled Redline Rule, and may contain computer-generated errors and/or other deviations from the final, offical version of a rule. The official version is published in the column entitled Final Rule, and in New Mexico Rules Annotated or its annual supplement, and in quarterly updates of New Mexico One Source of Law®. All redline and final rules are published in PDF format. Forms are also published in Word and WordPerfect formats to facilitate word processing.

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Rule No.Final RuleRedline RuleOrder No.Eff. DateWordWordPerfect
14-1633Possession of burglary tools; essential elementsRedline PDF17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-240BHomicide by vehicle; driving under the influence; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-240CHomicide by vehicle; reckless driving; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-240DGreat bodily injury by vehicle; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-251Homicide; “proximate cause”; definedRedline PDF17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-2820Aiding or abetting; accessory to crime of attemptRedline PDF17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-2821Aiding or abetting; accessory to felony murderRedline PDF17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-2822Aiding or abetting; accessory to crime other than attempt and felony murderRedline PDF17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-4201Money laundering; financial transaction to conceal or disguise property, OR to avoid reporting requirement; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-4202Money laundering; financial transaction to further or commit another specified unlawful activity; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-4203Money laundering; transporting instruments to conceal or disguise OR to avoid reporting requirement; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-4204Money laundering; making property available to another by financial transaction OR transporting; essential elements17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-4205Money laundering; definitions17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect
14-5130Duress; nonhomicide crimesRedline PDF17-8300-01212/31/2017WordWordPerfect