Rule Set 1 – Rules of Civil Procedure for the District Courts

This page contains rule amendments approved and filed by the New Mexico Supreme Court after 11-18-2015, which is the publication cutoff date for the 2016 New Mexico Rules Annotated. Please note that recently approved rule changes in redline format are found in the column entitled Redline Rule, and may contain computer-generated errors and/or other deviations from the final, offical version of a rule. The official version is published in the column entitled Final Rule, and in New Mexico Rules Annotated or its annual supplement, and in quarterly updates of New Mexico One Source of Law®. All redline and final rules are published in PDF format. Forms are also published in Word and WordPerfect formats to facilitate word processing.

For rule amendments and forms approved on or before 11-18-2015, click here for the public access database of unannotated New Mexico Rules.
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Rule No.Final RuleRedline RuleOrder No.Eff. DateWordWordPerfect
1-005.2Electronic service and filing of pleadings and other papersRedline PDF16-8300-0391/1/2017
1-007.2Time limit for filing motion to compel arbitration.16-8300-02312/31/2016
1-009Pleading special matters. (Effective July 1, 2017.)Redline PDF16-8300-03112/31/2016
1-017Parties plaintiff and defendant; capacity. (Effective July 1, 2017.)Redline PDF16-8300-03112/31/2016
1-023Class actions.Redline PDF16-8300-01212/31/2016
1-054Judgments; costs.Redline PDF16-8300-00912/31/2016
1-055Default. (Effective July 1, 2017.)Redline PDF16-8300-03112/31/2016
1-060Relief from judgment or order. (Effective July 1, 2017.)Redline PDF16-8300-03112/31/2016
1-079Public inspection and sealing of court recordsRedline PDF16-8300-0035/18/2016
1-079Public inspection and sealing of court recordsRedline PDF17-8300-0023/31/2017
1-083Local rules.Redline PDF16-8300-01512/31/2016
1-093Criminal contempt.Redline PDF16-8300-01612/31/2016
1-096Challenge of nominating petition.Redline PDF16-8300-00912/31/2016
1-104Courtroom closure.16-8300-02212/31/2016
1-120Domestic relations actions; scope; mandatory use of court-approved forms by self-represented litigants.Redline PDF16-8300-02012/31/2016WordWordPerfect
1-128Uniform collaborative law rules; short title; definitions; applicability.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-131Notice of federal restriction on right to possess or receive a firearm or ammunition16-8300-0035/18/2016
1-131Notice of federal restriction on right to possess or receive a firearm or ammunitionRedline PDF17-8300-0033/31/2017
1-128.1Collaborative law participation agreement; requirements.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.2Initiation of collaborative law process; voluntary participation; conclusion; termination; notice of discharge or withdrawal of collaborative lawyer; continuation with successor collaborative lawyer.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.3Proceedings pending before tribunal; status report; dismissal.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.4Emergency order.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.5Adoption of agreement by tribunal.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.6Disqualification of collaborative lawyer and lawyers in associated law firm.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.7Disclosure of information.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.8Standards of professional responsibility and mandatory reporting not affected.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.9Appropriateness of collaborative law process.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.10Coercive or violent relationship.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.11Confidentiality of collaborative law communication.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.12Privilege against disclosure for collaborative law communication; admissibility; discovery.16-8300-02012/31/2016
1-128.13Authority of tribunal in case of noncompliance.16-8300-02012/31/2016