New Mexico Supreme Court — Recently Approved Rule Changes
This page lists rule sets which contain rule changes approved and filed by the Supreme Court after 11-18-2015, which is the publication cutoff date for the 2016 New Mexico Rules Annotated. To see the specific rule in its Redline or Final form, please click on the rule set for a listing of new or amended rules in that rule set. For rule amendments and forms approved on or before 11-18-2015, click here for the public access database of unannotated New Mexico Rules.

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Rule SetTitle
1Rules of Civil Procedure for the District Courts
2Rules of Civil Procedure for the Magistrate Courts
3Rules of Civil Procedure for the Metropolitan Courts
4Civil Forms
4ADomestic Relations Forms
5Rules of Criminal Procedure for the District Courts
6Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Magistrate Courts
7Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Metropolitan Courts
8Rules of Procedure for the Municipal Courts
9Criminal Forms
10Children's Court Rules and Forms
11Rules of Evidence
12Rules of Appellate Procedure
13Uniform Jury Instructions - Civil
14Uniform Jury Instructions - Criminal
15Rules Governing Admission to the Bar
16Rules of Professional Conduct
17Rules Governing Discipline
17ARules Governing the Client Protection Fund
17BRules Governing the Unauthorized Practice of Law
22Rules Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings
23Supreme Court General Rules
24Rules Governing the New Mexico Bar
LR1Local Rules for the First Judicial District Court
LR2Local Rules for the Second Judicial District Court
LR3Local Rules for the Third Judicial District Court
LR4Local Rules for the Fourth Judicial District Court
LR5Local Rules for the Fifth Judicial District Court
LR6Local Rules for the Sixth Judicial District Court
LR7Local Rules for the Seventh Judicial District Court
LR8Local Rules for the Eighth Judicial District Court
LR9Local Rules for the Ninth Judicial District Court
LR10Local Rules for the Tenth Judicial District Court
LR11Local Rules for the Eleventh Judicial District Court
LR12Local Rules for the Twelfth Judicial District Court
LR13Local Rules for the Thirteenth Judicial District Court