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New Mexico Court of Appeals – Unreported Memorandum Opinions – 2018
This page contains memorandum opinions of the New Mexico Court of Appeals that were not selected for publication in the New Mexico Reports. Please see Rule 12-405 NMRA for restrictions on the citation of unpublished decisions. Please also note that these electronic decisions may contain computer-generated errors or other deviations from the official paper version filed by the Supreme Court and will not include the filing date. The filing date for each decision can be found in the table below.

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Filing DateShort TitleDocket No.
01/02/2018City of Santa Fe ex rel. Santa Fe Police Dep't v. One (1) 2009 Red Mazda SedanA-1-CA-36255
01/02/2018State v. O'DellA-1-CA-36390
01/02/2018County of Quay v. StoneA-1-CA-36413
01/02/2018State v. NelsonA-1-CA-36550
01/02/2018DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc. v. HandlerA-1-CA-36649
01/03/2018State v. SisnerosA-1-CA-36427
01/08/2018Edwards v. WrightA-1-CA-36045
01/08/2018State v. GibsonA-1-CA-36276
01/08/2018Martinez v. Central Freight LinesA-1-CA-36537
01/08/2018State v. BequetteA-1-CA-36686
01/09/2018State v. KupferA-1-CA-33613
01/09/2018Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. ElderA-1-CA-36421
01/09/2018State v. BaezaA-1-CA-36453
01/11/2018City of Ruidoso Downs v. KimbrellA-1-CA-36650
01/12/2018Citicorp Trust v. GallardoA-1-CA-36175
01/16/2018State v. LittonA-1-CA-36577
01/17/2018Firstenberg v. LeithA-1-CA-36151
01/18/2018State v. BaldonadoA-1-CA-36023
01/22/2018Shaver v. Board of Ethics & Campaign PracticesA-1-CA-35493
01/22/2018State v. CountyA-1-CA-35788
01/22/2018State v. GarciaA-1-CA-35958
01/22/2018Gardner v. RiveraA-1-CA-36524
01/23/2018Carriere v. CarriereA-1-CA-35354
01/23/2018State v. OrtegaA-1-CA-36257
01/24/2018State v. ArenasA-1-CA-36551
01/24/2018State v. SpitzerA-1-CA-35235
01/25/2018State v. SoteloA-1-CA-35984
01/29/2018State of NM Uninsured Employers' Fund v. GallegosA-1-CA-36705
01/29/2018State v. MendezA-1-CA-36587
01/29/2018McDonald v. City of GallupA-1-CA-36676
01/29/2018New Mexico Highlands University v. MAKWA Builders, LLCA-1-CA-35125
01/30/2018State v. FarmerA-1-CA-34330
01/30/2018City of Roswell v. KafkaA-1-CA-35914
02/01/2018Tax and Rev. Dep't v. Diamond T US Mail Services, Inc.A-1-CA-36165
02/05/2018State v. GirardA-1-CA-35007
02/06/2018State v. McCoyA-1-CA-34797
02/06/2018Price v. JP Morgan ChaseA-1-CA-36357
02/06/2018State v. MartinezA-1-CA-35356
02/06/2018State v. HeadA-1-CA-34902
02/07/2018State v. SilverA-1-CA-35384
02/07/2018State v. MartinezA-1-CA-34992
02/08/2018State v. VargasA-1-CA-34276
02/12/2018State v. TarangoA-1-CA-35443
02/12/2018State v. JohnsonA-1-CA-36236
02/12/2018State v. GardunoA-1-CA-34242
02/19/2018City of Roswell v. NoriegaA-1-CA-36179
02/19/2018State v. MayA-1-CA-36644
02/19/2018State v. LesterA-1-CA-36744
02/19/2018State v. CostelloA-1-CA-35091
02/19/2018Meltzer v. KruskalA-1-CA-36566
02/20/2018Davis v. Town of TaosA-1-CA-36477
02/20/2018State v. CampbellA-1-CA-36347
02/26/2018Medina v. HernandezA-1-CA-36636
02/27/2018State v. ValenciaA-1-CA-35554
02/28/2018Moreno v. MorenoA-1-CA-36546
02/28/2018US Bank v. GallegosA-1-CA-36422
02/28/2018State v. RivasA-1-CA-35527
02/28/2018BOKF N.A. v. MetzgarA-1-CA-36266
03/01/2018State v. Keisean A.A-1-CA-36772
03/01/2018State v. GabaldonA-1-CA-35264
03/01/2018Atherton v. ChapmanA-1-CA-36123
03/05/2018State v. DunlapA-1-CA-36487
03/05/2018State v. TrujilloA-1-CA-36510
03/05/2018State v. BanegasA-1-CA-36449
03/05/2018State v. GutierrezA-1-CA-36437
03/05/2018State v. HarrisA-1-CA-36187
03/07/2018State v. BacaA-1-CA-35488
03/08/2018State v. BurkholderA-1-CA-36367
03/12/2018State v. ChavezA-1-CA-35532
03/13/2018State v. ParisA-1-CA-35983
03/14/2018Bank of America v. NickellA-1-CA-36323
03/15/2018State v. SalazarA-1-CA-36659
03/15/2018Davis v. DavisA-1-CA-36806
03/15/2018Bowers Electric v. DavideA-1-CA-35049
03/15/2018State v. KolekA-1-CA-35976
03/19/2018State v. GonzalesA-1-CA-36306
03/19/2018Wall v. RossA-1-CA-36114
03/19/2018State v. ZavalaA-1-CA-36590
03/19/2018State v. JohnsonA-1-CA-36541
03/19/2018HSBC Bank USA v. ChandhokA-1-CA-36651
03/19/2018State v. RomeroA-1-CA-36514
03/19/2018State v. RomeroA-1-CA-36540
03/19/2018State v. OrtegaA-1-CA-36616
03/20/2018Aragon v. AllstateA-1-CA-36715
03/20/2018State v. EtcittyA-1-CA-35671
03/20/2018State v. FrohnhoferA-1-CA-36691
03/20/2018State v. ReavisA-1-CA-36549
03/20/2018Lucero v. SuttenA-1-CA-35171
03/21/2018State v. LeeA-1-CA-36414
03/21/2018Wall v. RossA-1-CA-36995
03/21/2018State v. HammondA-1-CA-36638
03/21/2018Cruikshank v. StewartA-1-CA-36623
03/21/2018State v. RasconA-1-CA-36743
03/26/2018State v. ReyesA-1-CA-36752
03/26/2018Gardner v. HartA-1-CA-36508
03/26/2018State v. TaylorA-1-CA-35593
03/28/2018Lions Gate Water v. D'AntonioA-1-CA-35022
03/28/2018Villanueva v. Board of County Commissioners of Bernalillo CountyA-1-CA-34726
03/29/2018Quicken Loans Inc. v. ShawA-1-CA-36770
03/29/2018Martinez v. MontoyaA-1-CA-36641
03/29/2018State v. CunninghamA-1-CA-35540