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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
10/13/2016State v. Bailey2017-NMSC-00135,395
09/26/2016State v. Stephenson2017-NMSC-00235,035
10/13/2016Vasquez v. American Cas. Co. of Reading2017-NMSC-00335,681
10/20/2016T.H. McElvain Oil & Gas Ltd. P'ship v. Benson-Montin-Greer Drilling Corp.2017-NMSC-00434,993; 34,997
11/07/2016Hand v. Winter2017-NMSC-00536,142
12/01/2016Kipnis v. Jusbasche2017-NMSC-00635,249
06/16/2016Hamaatsa, Inc. v. Pueblo of San Felipe2017-NMSC-00734,287
12/22/2016State v. Lucero2017-NMSC-00834,094
01/23/2017State v. Begay2017-NMSC-00935,751
01/26/2017Phoenix Funding, LLC v. Aurora Loan Services, LLC2017-NMSC-01035,512
01/26/2017State v. Suazo2017-NMSC-01135,508
02/06/2017In re Chavez, cons. with In re Gallegos2017-NMSC-01235,469
02/06/2017Crum v. Duran2017-NMSC-01336,030