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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
11/09/2017State v. Davis2018-NMSC-001S-1-SC-35976
11/20/2017Cahn v. Berryman2018-NMSC-002S-1-SC-35302
12/21/2017State v. Ramirez2018-NMSC-003S-1-SC-35629
12/28/2017State v. Ferry2018-NMSC-004S-1-SC-36786
01/11/2018State ex rel. Torrez v. Whitaker2018-NMSC-005S-1-SC-36379
01/11/2018State v. Groves2018-NMSC-006S-1-SC-36363
01/04/2018State v. Martinez2018-NMSC-007S-1-SC-35116
01/04/2018State v. McDowell2018-NMSC-008S-1-SC-35245
01/04/2018Tran v. Bennett2018-NMSC-009S-1-SC-34789
01/08/2018State v. Maestas2018-NMSC-010S-1-SC-34798
01/18/2018State v. Filemon V.2018-NMSC-011S-1-SC-35104
01/22/2018Beaudry v. Farmers Ins. Exch.2018-NMSC-012S-1-SC-36181
02/08/2018State v. Torres2018-NMSC-013S-1-SC-35477
02/12/2018Progressive Cas. Co. v. Vigil2018-NMSC-014S-1-SC-35130
02/15/2018State v. Franklin2018-NMSC-015S-1-SC-35995
02/15/2018Enduro Operating LLC v. Echo Prod., Inc.2018-NMSC-016S-1-SC-36225
02/22/2018State v. Tapia2018-NMSC-017S-1-SC-35183
02/22/2018State v. Chadwick-McNally2018-NMSC-018S-1-SC-36127
02/22/2018State v. Chakerian2018-NMSC-019S-1-SC-35121
03/01/2018Garcia v. Hatch Valley Pub. Schs.2018-NMSC-020S-1-SC-35641