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New Mexico Supreme Court Decisions on Review
of Judicial Standards Commission Proceedings

This database contains a selected compilation of formal reprimands and other judicial disciplinary actions issued by the New Mexico Supreme Court upon review of Judicial Standards Commission proceedings. Please see Rules 12-405 and 23-112 for restrictions on the citation of such court decisions. Note that this electronic decision may contain computer-generated errors or other deviations from the official paper version filed by the Supreme Court.

In addition to the judicial disciplinary decisions in this database, published judicial disciplinary opinions issued by the Supreme Court since the creation of the Judicial Standards Commission may be found at this link.

The Short Title column contains a link to the full text of the decision in PDF format.

Short TitleDocket No.Filing Date
In re: Barbara Aldaz-Mills31,197Filed: 5/21/2009
In re: Frederick Arnold26,645Filed: 1/10/2001
In re: Charles Barnhart29,379Filed 10/19/2005
In re: Susana Chaparro27,923Filed: 4/15/2003
In re: Susana Chaparro27,923Filed: 6/22/2005
In re: Thomas G. Cornish27,253Filed: 5/6/2002
In re: Frances Gallegos27,906Filed: 4/15/2003
In re: Reuben Galvan28,609Filed: 5/17/2004
In re: Frank W. Gentry28,986Filed: 7/29/2005
In re: J. Wayne Griego30,203Filed: 6/13/2007
In re: Joseph Guillory31,920Filed: 12/7/2010
In re: Javier Lozano29,264Filed: 6/8/2010
In re: Charles Maestas27,348Filed: 3/5/2002
In re: Erminio Martinez29,309Filed: 10/19/2005
In re: Tony F. Martinez29,180Filed: 5/12/2005
In re: Melissa Miller-Byrnes28,716Filed: 8/31/2004
In re: Toribio L. Perea25,822Filed: 8/17/1999
In re: Hector Pineda29,479Filed: 11/29/2005
In re: Hector Pineda29,479Filed: 6/18/2007
In re: John W. Pope29,778Filed: 6/13/2007
In re: Sabino Ramirez31,664Filed: 6/26/2009
In re: John W. "Buddy" Sanchez25,821Filed: 8/17/1999
In re: John W. "Buddy" Sanchez25,821Filed: 3/14/2001
In re: Beatrice R. Vigil26,328Filed: 6/13/2000
In re: Beatrice R. Vigil26,328Filed: 5/7/2001
In re: William A. Vincent27,266Filed: 3/22/2002
In re: William A. Vincent27,266Filed: 5/19/2004
In re: Larry E. Wood29,085Filed: 5/12/2005
In re: Robert E. Robles32,854Filed: 5/31/2011
In re: Michael G. Rael, Sr.33,633Filed: 10/3/2012
In re: Kent Wingenroth33,228Filed: 10/19/2011
In re: David Ramos, Sr.34,884Filed: 2/11/2016
In re: Sarah M. Singleton35,410Filed: 2/11/2016