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The New Mexico Supreme Court designated the authenticated PDF with digital signature as the official court opinion for the New Mexico state appellate courts effective March 1, 2012. The official court opinions will be collectively known as the New Mexico Appellate Reports. The New Mexico Compilation Commission, as official legal publisher, instituted authentication through digital signature for the publication of reported opinions of the New Mexico Supreme Court and New Mexico Court of Appeals on January 1, 2011. Authentication provides assurance that the electronic version of the opinion is the final, unaltered version of the official opinion released and approved by the Chief Clerk of the New Mexico Supreme Court. The visible digital signature on online PDF documents serves the same purpose as handwritten signatures or seals on printed documents. A digital signature, viewed through the New Mexico Compilation Commission seal of authenticity, and signed by the Office of Director, verifies document integrity and authenticity of its disseminated court opinions. The official citation format is provided in Rule 23-112 NMRA.

Viewing, printing and downloading authenticated opinions:

To view the digital signature, the user must have Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Validation is seamless in Versions 7.0 or higher (8.0 or higher is preferred). Follow this link to download the current version of Adobe Acrobat.

The certificate and seal will print (without the blue ribbon). A downloaded document will maintain its authenticated status, even if housed on your hard drive or emailed, as long as the opinion is not altered.