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New Mexico Court of Appeals — Current Slip Opinions
The slip opinion is the first version of an opinion released by the Chief Clerk of the Supreme Court. Once an opinion is selected for publication by the Court, it is assigned a vendor-neutral citation by the Chief Clerk for compliance with Rule 23-112 NMRA. The New Mexico Compilation Commission provides editorial services such as proofreading, applying court-approved corrections and topic indices. Once authenticated and formally published, the slip opinion is removed from the Slip Opinion page.

Caution: The slip opinion may contain computer-generated errors or other deviations from the formal authenticated opinion. In case of discrepancies between a slip opinion and the authenticated formal opinion published under "Current Year Opinions" on this website, the authenticated opinion controls.

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Filing DateShort TitleDocket No.
06/19/2018Rodriguez v. Ford Motor Co.A-1-CA-35910
09/04/2018State v. RoeperA-1-CA-34496
09/24/2018Britton v. Office of the Att'y Gen.A-1-CA-35346
09/26/2018City of Albuquerque v. SMP PropertiesA-1-CA-35261
09/26/2018State v. BarelaA-1-CA-35790
09/26/2018State v. Anthony L.A-1-CA-36241
10/04/2018State v. SanchezA-1-CA-35904
10/11/2018State v. MontanoA-1-CA-35602
10/16/2018Griego v. Jones Lang LaSalleA-1-CA-36072
10/17/2018State v. WinnA-1-CA-34929
10/22/2018State v. RuffinA-1-CA-35424
10/22/2018N.M. Military Inst. v. NMMI Alumni Ass'nA-1-CA-35621
10/23/2018State v. VerretA-1-CA-36336
10/24/2018State ex rel. Balderas v. Bristol-Myers SquibbA-1-CA-36906
10/25/2018Lujan v. Acequia Mesa Del MedioA-1-CA-35203
11/13/2018State v. CattA-1-CA-34839
11/13/2018Albuquerque Journal v. Board of Educ.A-1-CA-35864
11/19/2018Gallegos v. VernierA-1-CA-35785
11/20/2018State v. SalazarA-1-CA-35562
11/28/2018Leger v. GeretyA-1-CA-35807
11/28/2018Motes v. Curry Cty. Adult Det.Ctr.A-1-CA-36048
12/05/2018Espinoza v. City of AlbuquerqueA-1-CA-35908
12/07/2018N.M. Dep't of Game & Fish v. RawlingsA-1-CA-36131