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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
09/16/2013Peck v. Laurel Healthcare Providers, LLC2014-NMCA-00130,868
09/23/2013Potter v. Pierce2014-NMCA-00231,595
10/02/2013State v. Herrera2014-NMCA-00331,477; 31,479
10/28/2013State v. Fierro2014-NMCA-00431,023
10/02/2013Varga v. Ferrell2014-NMCA-00531,268; 31,337; 31,398
10/07/2013State v. Garcia2014-NMCA-00631,429
10/07/2013State v. Herrera2014-NMCA-00731,874
10/21/2013State v. Peterson2014-NMCA-00831,919
09/16/2013City of Artesia v. PERA of N.M.2014-NMCA-00932,355
09/17/2013State ex rel. Collier v. N.M. Livestock Bd.2014-NMCA-01032,191
09/30/2013Contreras v. Miller Bonded, Inc.2014-NMCA-01131,605; 32,050
10/03/2013Victor v. N.M. Dep't of Health2014-NMCA-01231,497
10/08/2013State v. Armijo2014-NMCA-01332,139
10/17/2013Chavez v.Delgado2014-NMCA-01432,719
10/21/2013Quintana v. Acosta2014-NMCA-01531,585
10/23/2013State ex rel. CYFD v. Christopher B.2014-NMCA-01632,623
05/01/2013Los Vigiles Land Grant v. Rebar Haygood Ranch, LLC2014-NMCA-01731,325
07/16/2013Bhandari v. Artesia Gen. Hosp.2014-NMCA-01831,130
08/19/2013Schultz v. Pojoaque Tribal Police Dep't2014-NMCA-01928,508
10/28/2013State v. Strauch2014-NMCA-02032,425
11/06/2013State v. Murry2014-NMCA-02131,253
11/14/2013City of Santa Fe v. Tomada2014-NMCA-02232,407
11/18/2013State v. Perez2014-NMCA-02331,814
11/19/2013State v. Casares2014-NMCA-02431,808
11/19/2013Tunis v. Country Club Estates Homeowners Ass'n, Inc.2014-NMCA-02531,280
11/25/2013Sherman v. Cimarex Energy Co.2014-NMCA-02632,164
12/05/2013Arias v. Phoenix Indem. Ins. Co.2014-NMCA-02731,571
11/13/2013Loya v. Gutierrez2014-NMCA-02832,405
11/26/2013Stanley J. v. Cliff L.2014-NMCA-02932,421
08/12/2013Clark v. Clark2014-NMCA-03031,547
11/20/2013Curry v. Great Nw. Ins. Co.2014-NMCA-03131,990
11/26/2013Carangelo v. Albuquerque-Bernalillo Cnty. Water Util. Auth.2014-NMCA-03226,757
12/19/2013State v. Moseley2014-NMCA-03331,480
01/16/2014State v. Hood2014-NMCA-03431,568
12/12/2013Perez v. N.M. Dep't of Workforce Solutions2014-NMCA-03532,330; 32,321
01/15/2014State ex rel. Peterson v. Aramark Corr. Servs., LLC2014-NMCA-03632,128
01/21/2014State v. Segura2014-NMCA-03731,904
01/21/2014State v. Ho2014-NMCA-03832,482
01/27/2014State v. Sedillo2014-NMCA-03932,008
12/20/2013State v. Nichols2014-NMCA-04030,783
01/02/2014State v. Paananen2014-NMCA-04131,982
01/14/2014State v. Davis2014-NMCA-04228,219
02/11/2014State v. Salas2014-NMCA-04332,585