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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
05/11/2016State v. Duttle2017-NMCA-00133,514
06/09/2016Thompson v. City of Albuquerque2017-NMCA-00234,427
06/27/2016Zuni Pub. Sch. Dist. #89 v. N.M. Pub. Educ. Dep't2017-NMCA-00334,008
07/07/2016State ex rel. CYFD v. Keon H.2017-NMCA-00434,908
07/12/2016State v. Aragon2017-NMCA-00534,653
09/19/2016State v. Ortiz2017-NMCA-00634,017
09/15/2016Wirth v. Sun Healthcare Group, Inc.2017-NMCA-00734,269
09/13/20162727 San Pedro LLC v. Bernalillo Cty. Assessor2017-NMCA-00834,869
09/27/2016Mira Consulting, Inc. v. Board of Educ.2017-NMCA-00934,486
10/06/2016State v. Goodman2017-NMCA-01034,282
09/09/2016Freed v. City of Albuquerque (In re Merits Regarding Air Quality Permit No. 3135)2017-NMCA-01134,285
10/17/2016Williams v. Mann2017-NMCA-01234,180
10/26/2016Holzem v. Presbyterian Healthcare Servs.2017-NMCA-01334,195
11/03/2016State v. Pacheco2017-NMCA-01434,759
11/14/2016Walsh v. Montes2017-NMCA-01534,254
10/17/2016Beaudry v. Farmers Ins. Exch.2017-NMCA-01633,618
10/28/2016State v. Naegle2017-NMCA-01734,451
11/21/2016Enduro Operating LLC v. Echo Production, Inc.2017-NMCA-01834,581; 34,918
11/22/2016Allred v. N.M. Dep't of Transp.2017-NMCA-01934,226; 34,461
11/28/2016State v. Hernandez2017-NMCA-02033,709
09/15/2016Badilla v. Wal-Mart Stores East, Inc.2017-NMCA-02131,162
10/14/2016Cobb v. Gammon2017-NMCA-02232,936; 32,945; 32,953
10/25/2016State v. Vargas2017-NMCA-02333,718
11/28/2016Carrillo v. My Way Holdings, LLC2017-NMCA-02434,429
11/29/2016Tafoya v. Morrison2017-NMCA-02534,465
11/29/2016State v. Huerta-Castro2017-NMCA-02633,692
11/29/2016Little v. Baigas2017-NMCA-02734,724
12/20/2016State v. Bregar2017-NMCA-02834,462; 34,469
12/20/2016State v. Fox2017-NMCA-02933,798
12/01/2016L.D. Miller Construction, Inc. v. Kirschenbaum2017-NMCA-03034,253
12/07/2016State v. Gallegos-Delgado2017-NMCA-03134,321
12/29/2016Martinez v. Martinez2017-NMCA-03234,662
12/29/2016State v. Montoya2017-NMCA-03335,006
01/24/2017State v. Navarro-Calzadillas2017-NMCA-03434,667
01/24/2017State v. Seigling2017-NMCA-03534,620
02/02/2017Jury v. Jury2017-NMCA-03634,257; 34,564
11/14/2016Ciolli v. McFarland Land & Cattle Co., Inc.2017-NMCA-03732,241
01/10/2017Robey v. Parnell2017-NMCA-03833,852
02/14/2017State v. Jimenez2017-NMCA-03934,375
02/14/2017State v. Imperial2017-NMCA-04034,277
02/02/2017State v. Ramos2017-NMCA-04134,410
02/06/2017State v. Percival2017-NMCA-04234,385
02/13/2017Barraza v. N.M. Taxation & Revenue Dep't2017-NMCA-04334,245
02/14/2017N.M. Uninsured Employers' Fund v. Gallegos2017-NMCA-04434,845
02/27/2017State v. Patterson2017-NMCA-04533,961
03/02/2017State v. Brown2017-NMCA-04634,388
03/14/2017State v. Turner2017-NMCA-04734,792
03/20/2017State v. Lindsey2017-NMCA-04834,814
03/02/2017State v. Bello2017-NMCA-04934,165
03/02/2017Hough v. Brooks2017-NMCA-05034,572
03/28/2017Dove v. State Farm Fire & Cas. Co.2017-NMCA-05134,932
04/05/2017State v. Lozoya2017-NMCA-05234,651