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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
08/04/2015Wild Horse Observers Ass'n, Inc. v. N.M. Livestock Bd2016-NMCA-00134,097
08/31/2015State v. Mendoza2016-NMCA-00233,506
09/02/2015State v. Acosta2016-NMCA-00333,473
09/28/2015State v. Suskiewich2016-NMCA-00433,979
10/01/2015Greentree Solid Waste Auth. v. Cty. Of Lincoln2016-NMCA-00533,628
10/05/2015State v. Hobbs2016-NMCA-00632,838
10/07/2015State v. Anderson2016-NMCA-00732,663
10/13/2015State v. Hernandez2016-NMCA-00833,156
08/19/2015Nat'l Educ. Ass'n of N.M. v. Santa Fe Pub. Sch.2016-NMCA-00933,065
08/24/2015Phoenix Funding, LLC v. Aurora Loan Servs., LLC2016-NMCA-01033,211
08/31/2015Morrissey v. Krystopowicz2016-NMCA-01132,212
09/03/2015State ex rel. CYFD v. Scott C.2016-NMCA-01234,220; 34,221; 33,891
09/10/2015Centex/Worthgroup, LLC v. Worthgroup Architects LP2016-NMCA-01332,331
09/16/2015Couch v. Williams2016-NMCA-01433,649
10/20/2015State v. Astorga2016-NMCA-01532,374
10/26/2015State v. Chavez2016-NMCA-01633,084
11/19/2015Tennyson v. Santa Fe Dealership Acquisition II, Inc.2016-NMCA-01733,657
11/23/2015Bustos v. City of Clovis2016-NMCA-01833,405
06/11/2015State v. Cordova2016-NMCA-01932,820
12/07/2015Nat'l Roofing, Inc. v. Alstate Steel, Inc.2016-NMCA-02034,006
12/14/2015State ex rel. CYFD v. Alfonso M.-E.2016-NMCA-02133,896
12/22/2015State v. Hobbs2016-NMCA-02233,715
12/23/2015Dills v. N.M. Heart Inst.2016-NMCA-02333,725
10/28/2015State v. Swain2016-NMCA-02434,047
11/04/2015BAC Home Loans Servicing LP v. Smith2016-NMCA-02532,824
12/08/2015Sonida, LLC v. SPOverlook, LLC2016-NMCA-02632,661
12/08/2015Hi-Country Buick GMC v. N.M. Taxation & Revenue Dep't2016-NMCA-02733,849
12/17/2015Pulte Homes of N.M., Inc. v. Indiana Lumbermens Ins. Co.2016-NMCA-02833,283
12/21/2015State ex rel. CYFD v. Yodell B.2016-NMCA-02933,990
12/29/2015Brannock v. The Lotus Fund2016-NMCA-03033,950
01/13/2016Valenzuela v. A.S. Horner, Inc.2016-NMCA-03133,524
01/19/2016State v. Erwin2016-NMCA-03233,561
01/20/2016State v. Perez2016-NMCA-03331,678
11/16/2015Garcia v. Hatch Valley Pub. Schs.2016-NMCA-03433,310
12/09/2015Santa Fe Water Res. All. v. D'Antonio2016-NMCA-03533,704
12/14/2015N. N.M. Fed'n of Educ. Emps. v. N. N.M. Coll.2016-NMCA-03633,982
12/16/2015Brawley v. Bd. of Regents2016-NMCA-03733,593
01/12/2016State v. Vargas2016-NMCA-03833,247
01/13/2016State v. Begay2016-NMCA-03933,588
02/02/2016Castillo v. Arrieta2016-NMCA-04034,108
02/15/2016Trujillo v. Los Alamos Nat'l Lab2016-NMCA-04134,185
02/16/2016State v. Cardenas2016-NMCA-04233,564
01/06/2016State ex rel. CYFD v. Nathan H.2016-NMCA-04334,320
01/25/2016State v. Garcia2016-NMCA-04433,425
02/03/2016State v. Ortiz-Castillo2016-NMCA-04533,837
02/09/2016Wells Fargo Bank v. Pyle2016-NMCA-04633,983
02/11/2016State v. Mestas2016-NMCA-04733,350
03/02/2016State v. Baxendale2016-NMCA-04833,934
05/21/2014State v. Dorais2016-NMCA-04932,235
03/17/2016State v. Carmona2016-NMCA-05033,378
03/28/2016Rodarte v. Presbyterian Ins. Co.2016-NMCA-05133,127
03/29/2016Garcia v. UNM Bd. of Regents2016-NMCA-05234,167
03/30/2016Shah v. Devasthali2016-NMCA-05334,096
02/09/2016Bodley v. Goldman2016-NMCA-05434,343
02/24/2016Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project v. N.M. Oil Conservation Comm'n2016-NMCA-05533,451
03/22/2016Sherrill v. Farmers Ins. Exch.2016-NMCA-05633,859
03/28/2016Eldorado Cmty. Improvement Ass'n v. Billings2016-NMCA-05733,850
04/18/2016State v. Carpenter2016-NMCA-05833,823
05/22/2014State v. Merhege2016-NMCA-05932,461
03/01/2016State v. Radosevich2016-NMCA-06033,282
03/10/2016State v. Maxwell2016-NMCA-06133,902
03/15/2016State v. Sena2016-NMCA-06233,889
04/20/2016ACLU of New Mexico v. Duran2016-NMCA-06333,781
04/26/2016PNC Mortgage v. Romero2016-NMCA-06433,394
05/11/2016State v. Deignan2016-NMCA-06534,110
05/13/2016State v. Estrada2016-NMCA-06633,861
06/07/2016State v. Moore2016-NMCA-06734,150
04/21/2016Mikeska v. Las Cruces Reg'l Med. Ctr.2016-NMCA-06833,836
04/28/2016N.M. State Inv. Council v. Weinstein2016-NMCA-06933,787; 34,042; 34,077
05/19/2016State v. Simpson2016-NMCA-07034,488
05/23/2016State v. Branch2016-NMCA-07133,064
05/25/2016State v. Ramirez2016-NMCA-07234,303
06/06/2016State v. Davis2016-NMCA-07333,666