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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
06/07/2017State v. Yazzie2018-NMCA-001A-1-CA-33623
07/28/2017State v. Lopez2018-NMCA-002A-1-CA-34615
07/31/2017State v. Farish2018-NMCA-003A-1-CA-34518
08/02/2017Blue Canyon Well Ass'n v. Jevne2018-NMCA-004A-1-CA-34655
08/07/2017Kreutzer v. Aldo Leopold High School2018-NMCA-005A-1-CA-35286
08/08/2017State v. Alvarez2018-NMCA-006A-1-CA-34855
09/05/2017N.M. Corrections Dep't v. AFSCME2018-NMCA-007A-1-CA-34737
09/14/2017State v. Uribe-Vidal2018-NMCA-008A-1-CA-34058
09/28/2017State v. Storey2018-NMCA-009A-1-CA-35013
07/26/2017Renzenberger, Inc. v. N.M. Taxation & Revenue Dep't2018-NMCA-010A-1-CA-34999
08/17/2017Molinar v. Larry Reetz Constr., Ltd.2018-NMCA-011A-1-CA-35219
08/22/2017State v. Cazares2018-NMCA-012A-1-CA-34387
10/12/2017State v. Adamo2018-NMCA-013A-1-CA-34597
10/17/2017State v. Tidey2018-NMCA-014A-1-CA-34014
10/25/2017State v. Simmons2018-NMCA-015A-1-CA-34773
10/02/2017State v. Byrom2018-NMCA-016A-1-CA-34951
10/30/2017Cable One, Inc. v. N.M. Taxation & Revenue Dep't2018-NMCA-017A-1-CA-35126
12/13/2017State v. Ortiz2018-NMCA-018A-1-CA-34419
11/16/2017State v. Lewis2018-NMCA-019A-1-CA-35307
11/27/2017State v. Miera2018-NMCA-020A-1-CA-34747
11/30/2017Alarcon v. Albuquerque Pub. Schs. Bd. of Educ.2018-NMCA-021A-1-CA-34843; A-1-CA-34424
12/04/2017Fred Loya Ins. Co. v. Swiech2018-NMCA-022A-1-CA-35338; A-1-CA-35821
11/15/2017N.M. Law Group v. Byers2018-NMCA-023A-1-CA-36015
12/27/2018Communities for Clean Water v. N.M. Water Quality Control Comm'n2018-NMCA-024A-1-CA-35253
01/23/2018State v. Luna2018-NMCA-025A-1-CA-34709
02/21/2018State v. Hnulik2018-NMCA-026A-1-CA-35323