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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
09/04/2018State v. Roeper2019-NMCA-001A-1-CA-34496
09/24/2018Britton v. Office of the Att'y Gen.2019-NMCA-002A-1-CA-35346
09/26/2018State v. Anthony L.2019-NMCA-003A-1-CA-36241
09/26/2018City of Albuquerque v. SMP Properties2019-NMCA-004A-1-CA-35261
09/26/2018State v. Barela2019-NMCA-005A-1-CA-35790
10/04/2018State v. Sanchez2019-NMCA-006A-1-CA-35904
10/16/2018Griego v. Jones Lang LaSalle2019-NMCA-007A-1-CA-36072
10/22/2018N.M. Military Inst. v. NMMI Alumni Ass'n2019-NMCA-008A-1-CA-35621
10/22/2018State v. Ruffin2019-NMCA-009A-1-CA-35424
10/23/2018State v. Verret2019-NMCA-010A-1-CA-36336