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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2014
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
12/02/2013State v. Almanzar2014-NMSC-00133,763
12/19/2013Bartlett v. Cameron2014-NMSC-00234,210
12/19/2013Griego v. Oliver2014-NMSC-00334,306
12/30/2013Albuquerque Cab Co. v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n2014-NMSC-00433,704
12/30/2013DeLeon v. Hartley2014-NMSC-00534,018
02/06/2014Rayellen Res., Inc. v. N.M. Cultural Props. Review Comm.2014-NMSC-00633,497
02/13/2014Bank of New York v. Romero2014-NMSC-00733,224
02/20/2014Bernalillo Co. Health Care Corp. v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n2014-NMSC-00833,025; 33,054
02/27/2014Montoya v. Driggers2014-NMSC-00933,789
04/04/2014State v. Vasquez2014-NMSC-01033,796; 33,870
04/07/2014State v. Stevens2014-NMSC-01132,860
04/21/2014State v. Olsson2014-NMSC-01233,226; 33,565
05/01/2014United States of America v. Reese2014-NMSC-01333,950
05/08/2014Rodriguez v. Del Sol Shopping Ctr. Assoc.2014-NMSC-01433,896; 33,949
05/12/2014Amethyst Land Co., Inc. v. Terhune2014-NMSC-01534,083
06/05/2014State v. Crocco2014-NMSC-01633,938
06/09/2014State v. Ortega2014-NMSC-01733,864
06/12/2014Herrera v. Sanchez2014-NMSC-01834,355
06/05/2014Fowler v. Vista Care2014-NMSC-01933,993
06/09/2014State v. Leticia T.2014-NMSC-02033,566
06/16/2014Whelan v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co.2014-NMSC-02134,280
06/16/2014State ex rel. Brandenburg v. Sanchez2014-NMSC-02234,453
06/19/2014Ramirez v. State2014-NMSC-02333,604
06/26/2014State ex rel. King v. B&B Inv. Grp., Inc.2014-NMSC-02434,266
06/30/2014Zhao v. Montoya2014-NMSC-02533,589; 33,594
06/30/2014State v. Crane2014-NMSC-02633,014
06/23/2014Kimbrell v. Kimbrell2014-NMSC-02734,150
07/31/2014State v. Parvilus2014-NMSC-02833,970
08/04/2014CAVU Co. v. Martinez2014-NMSC-02934,039
08/21/2014State v. Consaul2014-NMSC-03033,483
08/07/2014State v. Gutierrez2014-NMSC-03133,296
08/21/2014State v. Montoya2014-NMSC-03233,592
08/25/2014Starko. Inc. v. N.M. Human Servs. Dep't2014-NMSC-03333,382; 33,383; 33,384
09/18/2014In the Matter of Grace H.2014-NMSC-03434,126
09/18/2014Zamora v. St. Vincent Hospital2014-NMSC-03533,770
09/08/2014Living Cross Ambulance Serv., Inc., v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n2014-NMSC-03634,366
11/06/2014Benavides v. E. N.M. Med. Ctr.2014-NMSC-03734,128
11/06/2014State v. Brown2014-NMSC-03834,531
04/15/2013State v. Gonzales2014-NMSC-03933,376
09/12/2013State v. Suskiewich2014-NMSC-04034,187