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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2016
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
11/19/2015State v. Nichols2016-NMSC-00134,549
11/19/2015NM Dep't of Workforce Solutions v. Garduño2016-NMSC-00234,546
12/10/2015Madrid v. Brinker Rest. Corp.2016-NMSC-00334,146
12/10/2015State v. Surratt2016-NMSC-00435,049
12/21/2015Clark v. Mitchell2016-NMSC-00535,075
02/15/2016Rodriguez v. Brand West Dairy2016-NMSC-00635,426; 35,438
02/15/2016State v. Smith2016-NMSC-00734,504
11/12/2015State v. Serros2016-NMSC-00834,637
02/18/2016Safeway, Inc. v. Rooter 2000 Plumbing & Drain SSS2016-NMSC-00933,969
02/25/2016State v. Benally2016-NMSC-01035,145
02/25/2016State v. Holt2016-NMSC-01135,298
03/03/2016Acosta v. Shell W. Expl. & Prod., Inc.2016-NMSC-01233,884
03/03/2016Deutsche Bank Nat'l Trust Co. v. Johnson2016-NMSC-01334,726
03/14/2016Spurlock v. Townes2016-NMSC-01435,027
03/15/2016N.M. Exch. Carrier Grp. v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n2016-NMSC-01534,933; 35,036
04/14/2016Ramirez v. CYFD2016-NMSC-01634,613
05/23/2016AFSCME v. Bd. of Cty. Comm'rs of Bernalillo Cty.2016-NMSC-01735,248
05/19/2016Estate of Brice v. Toyota Motor Corp.2016-NMSC-01834,873
02/11/2016In re Torres2016-NMSC-01935,460
06/02/2016State v. Tufts2016-NMSC-02035,255
06/13/2016State v. Armijo2016-NMSC-02134,400
06/13/2016State v. Madonda2016-NMSC-02234,667
06/16/2016In re Montclare2016-NMSC-02334,920
06/20/2016State v. Thomas2016-NMSC-02434,042
06/30/2016State v. Marquez2016-NMSC-02534,418
06/30/2016State v. Yazzie2016-NMSC-02634,866
06/30/2016Morris v. Brandenburg2016-NMSC-02735,478
06/02/2016Kerr v. Parsons2016-NMSC-02835,421
06/30/2016Rodriguez v. Brand West Dairy2016-NMSC-02935,426; 35,438
08/04/2016State v. Trammell2016-NMSC-03034,826
08/08/2016State v. Samora2016-NMSC-03134,733
08/18/2016Noice v. BNSF Ry. Co.2016-NMSC-03235,198
08/18/2016Flores v. Herrera2016-NMSC-03335,286
08/25/2016State v. Garcia2016-NMSC-03435,451
09/22/2016Dalton v. Santander Consumer USA, Inc.2016-NMSC-03535,101
09/22/2016State Engineer v. Diamond K Bar Ranch, LLC2016-NMSC-03635,446
08/24/2016State v. Chavez2016-NMSC-037S-1-SC-35614