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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2015
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
12/04/2014State ex rel. Cisneros v. Martinez2015-NMSC-00134,646
01/08/2015Potter v. Pierce2015-NMSC-00234,365
12/15/2014State ex rel. Children, Youth & Families Dep't v. Djamila B.2015-NMSC-00334,583
02/20/2015First Baptist Church of Roswell v. Yates Petroleum Corp.2015-NMSC-00433,632
01/12/2015State v. Favela2015-NMSC-00534,311
02/05/2015State v. Silvas2015-NMSC-00634,271
02/16/2015State v. Astorga2015-NMSC-00733,684
03/09/2015Perez v. N.M. Dep't of Workforce Solutions2015-NMSC-00834,499; 34,880
03/09/2015State v. Strauch2015-NMSC-00934,435
03/12/2015State v. Montoya2015-NMSC-01033,967
03/26/2015Lucero v. Northland Ins. Co.2015-NMSC-01134,607
02/19/2015Yedidag v. Roswell Clinic Corp.2015-NMSC-01234,286
04/06/2015Tri-State Generation & Transmission Ass'n v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Com'n2015-NMSC-01334,182
04/16/2015Dominguez v. State2015-NMSC-01434,295
03/12/2015Faber v. King2015-NMSC-01534,204; 34,194
05/07/2015State v. Cabezuela2015-NMSC-01633,781
05/11/2015Loya v. Gutierrez2015-NMSC-01734,447
05/28/2015State v. Sanchez2015-NMSC-01834,516
06/22/2015State v. Antonio T.2015-NMSC-01933,997; 33,999
06/25/2015State v. Steven B.2015-NMSC-02034,122; 34,142
05/04/2015State v. Baca2015-NMSC-02134,120
06/15/2015Miller v. Bank of America2015-NMSC-02234,554
06/15/2015N.M. Bldg. and Constr. Trades Council v. Dean2015-NMSC-02334,719
06/25/2015Hem v. Toyota Motor Corp.2015-NMSC-02433,775
06/25/2015State ex rel. Foy v. Austin Capital Mgmt., Ltd.2015-NMSC-02534,013
08/10/2015Snow v. Warren Power & Mach., Inc.2015-NMSC-02634,501
08/13/2015Kane v. City of Albuquerque2015-NMSC-02734,811
08/20/2015State ex rel. King v. Raphaelson2015-NMSC-02834,985
09/10/2015Badilla v. Wal-Mart Stores East, Inc.2015-NMSC-02934,085
09/10/2015State v. King2015-NMSC-03034,411
09/10/2015State v. Paananen2015-NMSC-03134,526
09/28/2015N.M. Att'y. Gen. v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n.2015-NMSC-03234,768
10/15/2015State v. DeAngelo2015-NMSC-03334,995
10/19/2015State v. Davis2015-NMSC-03434,548
10/30/2015Robinson v. Bd. of Comm'rs of the Cty. of Eddy2015-NMSC-03535,160
12/17/2015Moses v. Skandera2015-NMSC-03634,974