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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2013
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
12/05/2012State v. Hall2013-NMSC-00132,943
12/06/2012Mercer v. Reynolds2013-NMSC-00233,830
01/17/2013State v. Navarette2013-NMSC-00332,898
01/31/2013Horne v. Los Alamos Nat'l Sec., L.L.C.2013-NMSC-00433,135
01/31/2013Martinez v. N.M. Dep't of Transp.2013-NMSC-00533,083
02/21/2013State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Safeco Ins. Co.2013-NMSC-00633,622
03/14/2013In the Matter of Salazar2013-NMSC-00733,601
03/14/2013In the Matter of Chavez2013-NMSC-00833,280
08/24/2012ConocoPhillips Co. v. Lyons2013-NMSC-00932,624
02/28/2013Spencer v. Barber2013-NMSC-01033,133
03/25/2013Quintana v. Bravo2013-NMSC-01133,350
04/08/2013State v. Cobrera2013-NMSC-01233,375
04/11/2013Schultz v. Pojoaque Tribal Police Dep't2013-NMSC-01333,372
04/15/2013State v. King2013-NMSC-01433,395
03/25/2013State v. Collier2013-NMSC-01532,915
03/28/2013State v. Gonzalez2013-NMSC-01633,077
04/18/2013Sunnyland Farms, Inc. v. Cent. N.M. Elec. Coop., Inc.2013-NMSC-01732,968
05/09/2013Moongate Water Co., Inc. v. City of Las Cruces2013-NMSC-01833,182
05/13/2013Skidgel v. Hatch2013-NMSC-01933,811
05/16/2013State v. Montoya2013-NMSC-02032,279
05/30/2013Gonzalez v. Performance Painting, Inc.2013-NMSC-02132,844
05/30/2013Flemma v. Halliburton Energy Servs., Inc.2013-NMSC-02233,353
06/03/2013N.M. Taxation & Revenue Dep't v. Barnesandnoble.com, L.L.C.2013-NMSC-02333,627
06/10/2013State v. Boyse2013-NMSC-02433,257
06/13/2013State v. Gurule2013-NMSC-02533,023
06/13/2013In re Naranjo2013-NMSC-02634,097
06/24/2013In re Ortiz2013-NMSC-02733,829
06/13/2013State v. Davis2013-NMSC-02833,203
06/27/2013Palenick v. City of Rio Rancho2013-NMSC-02933,380
06/27/2013Nettles v. Ticonderoga Owners' Ass'n, Inc.2013-NMSC-03033,364
06/27/2013State v. Ramos2013-NMSC-03133,217
06/27/2013Strausberg v. Laurel Healthcare Providers, LLC2013-NMSC-03233,331
06/27/2013State v. Serna2013-NMSC-03333,021
06/27/2013State v. Torrez2013-NMSC-03432,929
06/27/2013In re Owen and Jackson2013-NMSC-03533,843; 33,844
06/28/2013State v. Turrietta2013-NMSC-03633,057
07/25/2013Bounds v. State ex rel. D'Antonio2013-NMSC-03732,713; 32,717
08/12/2013State v. Samora2013-NMSC-03832,597
08/15/2013Convisser v. Ecoversity2013-NMSC-03933,362
08/22/2013Elane Photography, LLC v. Willock2013-NMSC-04033,687
08/29/2013Quality Automotive Ctr., LLC v. Arrieta2013-NMSC-04133,659
08/29/2013N.M. Atty. Gen. v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n2013-NMSC-04233,393
09/05/2013Baker v. Hedstrom2013-NMSC-04333,635
09/12/2013State v. Pangaea Cinema, L.L.C.2013-NMSC-04433,693
09/12/2013Encinias v. Whitener Law Firm, P.A.2013-NMSC-04533,874
09/19/2013City of Farmington v. Pinon-Garcia2013-NMSC-04633,650; 33,676
10/15/2013State v. Lopez2013-NMSC-04733,736
11/18/2013State v. Miller2013-NMSC-04833,571
11/21/2013State v. Sisneros2013-NMSC-04933,436