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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2012
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
12/05/2011Allen v. LeMaster2012-NMSC-00131,100
12/14/2011Lobato v. New Mexico Env't Dep't.2012-NMSC-00232,917
01/05/2012State v. Rivera2012-NMSC-00332,677
02/22/2012Estate of Gutierrez v. Meteor Monument2012-NMSC-00432,436
02/16/2012New Energy Economy v. Vanzi2012-NMSC-00533,074; 33,091; 33,102; 33,116
02/21/2012Maestas v. Hall2012-NMSC-00633,386; 33,387
03/06/2012City of Albuquerque v. Montoya2012-NMSC-00732,570
03/29/2012State v. Tollardo2012-NMSC-00831,241
03/22/2012Sais v. NM Dep't. of Corrs.2012-NMSC-00932,776
03/05/2012Smith v. Durden2012-NMSC-01032,594
04/12/2012Montoya v. Herrera2012-NMSC-01132,400
04/13/2012Glaser v. Lebus2012-NMSC-01233,069
05/07/2012State v. Arrendondo2012-NMSC-01331,934
05/10/2012State v. Guerra2012-NMSC-01431,973
05/21/2012State v. Largo2012-NMSC-01532,055
05/24/2012State v. Torres2012-NMSC-01632,291
05/30/2012Freedom C. v. Brian D.2012-NMSC-01732,944
06/01/2012State v. Swick2012-NMSC-01832,510
06/01/2012Chatterjee v. King2012-NMSC-01932,789
06/14/2012Lenscrafters v. Kehoe2012-NMSC-02032,756
06/28/2012Helena Chemical Co. v. Uribe2012-NMSC-02132,985; 32,987
07/02/2012Diamond v. Diamond2012-NMSC-02232,695
07/19/2012State v. Spearman2012-NMSC-02332,800
07/19/2012State v. Ordunez2012-NMSC-02432,589
07/26/2012Schuster v. New Mexico Dep't. of Taxation & Revenue2012-NMSC-02532,942
06/28/2012Republican Party of NM v. New Mexico Taxation & Rev. Dep't.2012-NMSC-02632,524
08/09/2012State v. Guerra2012-NMSC-02733,052
08/13/2012Santa Fe Pac. Trust v. City of Albuquerque2012-NMSC-02832,937
08/16/2012State v. Office of the Pub. Defender2012-NMSC-02932,430; 32,632
08/20/2012State v. Tafoya2012-NMSC-03032,120
08/20/2012City of Santa Fe v. Marquez2012-NMSC-03132,885
08/23/2012United Nuclear Corp. v. Allstate Ins. Co.2012-NMSC-03232,939
08/23/2012State v. Haidle2012-NMSC-03332,828
08/24/2012Edwin Smith v. Synergy Operating2012-NMSC-03432,707
08/30/2012State v. Olson2012-NMSC-03532,976
08/24/2012State v. Lovett2012-NMSC-03630,470
10/22/2012State v. Leyba2012-NMSC-03732,541
10/22/2012State v. Bent2012-NMSC-03833,136
11/01/2012Tri-State Generation & Transmission. Ass'n, Inc. v. D'Antonio2012-NMSC-03932,704
11/08/2012Perry v. Moya2012-NMSC-04032,938