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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2011
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
12/08/2010State v. Wilson2011-NMSC-00131,442
01/03/2011Albuquerque Commons P'ship v. City Council2011-NMSC-00231,724
01/12/2011State v. Garcia2011-NMSC-00330,782
01/24/2011State of N.M. ex rel. King v. Lyons2011-NMSC-00432,197
01/21/2011State ex rel CYFD v. Marlene C.2011-NMSC-00531,738
02/17/2011New Energy Economy v. Martinez2011-NMSC-00632,806; 32,811
02/04/2011Oldham v. Oldham2011-NMSC-00732,001
02/17/2011State v. Paiz2011-NMSC-00831,409
02/17/2011State v. Leyva2011-NMSC-00932,067
02/25/2011State v. Martinez2011-NMSC-01032,069
03/08/2011San Juan Agric. Water Users Ass'n v. KNME-TV2011-NMSC-01132,139
03/09/2011State v. Gonzales2011-NMSC-01231,891
03/16/2011State v. Romero2011-NMSC-01332,283
04/01/2011State v. Guthrie2011-NMSC-01431,567
04/08/2011Delfino v. Griffo2011-NMSC-01532,372
04/12/2011State v. Dowling2011-NMSC-01631,105
04/12/2011Summers v. Ardent Health Servs.2011-NMSC-01732,202
05/13/2011AFSCME v. Martinez2011-NMSC-01832,905
05/31/2011In re Robert Merle Schwartz2011-NMSC-01932,422
06/01/2011State of N.M. ex rel. King v. Sloan2011-NMSC-02032,411
05/12/2011State v. Skippings2011-NMSC-02132,137
05/13/2011State v. Sandoval2011-NMSC-02232,149
05/20/2011State v. Ketelson2011-NMSC-02332,170
05/24/2010State v. Gutierrez2011-NMSC-02431,619
06/13/2011State v. Ramirez2011-NMSC-02531,905
06/15/2011State v. Williams2011-NMSC-02632,263
06/15/2011State v. Gallegos2011-NMSC-02731,204
06/17/2011State v. Myers2011-NMSC-02832,126
06/21/2011TW Telecom of N.M. v. NM Pub. Reg. Comm'n2011-NMSC-02932,193
06/27/2011Mendoza v. Tamaya Enters.2011-NMSC-03032,447
07/19/2011Concha v. Sanchez2011-NMSC-03132,080
07/19/2011Rodriguez v. Permian Drilling Corp.2011-NMSC-03232,311
07/27/2011Rivera v. American Gen. Fin.2011-NMSC-03332,340
07/27/2011Attorney General v. New Mexico PRC2011-NMSC-03432,475; 32,480
08/02/2011State v. Lopez2011-NMSC-03530,257
08/17/2011Provencio v. Wenrich2011-NMSC-03632,344
08/22/2011City of Rio Rancho v. AMREP Sw.2011-NMSC-03732,486; 32,489
09/14/2011State v. Cruz2011-NMSC-03832,130
10/11/2011Wachocki v. Bernalillo Co. Sheriffs Dep't.2011-NMSC-03932,131
10/27/2011State v. Trujillo2011-NMSC-04032,234
10/31/2011State v. Cabezuela2011-NMSC-04132,000
11/09/2011In re Montoya2011-NMSC-04232,397
11/21/2011State of NM ex rel. Smith v. Martinez2011-NMSC-04333,029
11/22/2011State v. Harper2011-NMSC-04432,388; 32,402
12/14/2011State of NM ex rel. Stewart v. Martinez2011-NMSC-04533,028