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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2010
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
11/19/2009Marckstadt v. Lockheed Martin Corp.2010-NMSC-00131,258; 31,447
01/05/2010State v. Flores2010-NMSC-00229,650
01/05/2010State v. Vigil2010-NMSC-00330,896
11/23/2009Reule Sun Corp. v. Valles2010-NMSC-00431,192
01/19/2010State v. Riley2010-NMSC-00529,992
01/25/2010City of Aztec v. Gurule2010-NMSC-00631,480
02/12/2010State v. Bullcoming2010-NMSC-00731,186
02/12/2010State v. Aragon2010-NMSC-00831,187
03/04/2010Truong v. Allstate Ins. Co.2010-NMSC-00931,013
02/16/2010City of Santa Fe v. Travelers Casualty & Surety Co.2010-NMSC-01031,549
03/02/2010State v. Lucero2010-NMSC-01131,365
02/16/2010State v. Jones2010-NMSC-01230,766
03/19/2010Albuquerque Bernalillo Co. Water Util. Auth. v. NMPRC2010-NMSC-01331,268; 31,273
03/04/2010Kirby v. Guardian Life Ins. Co.2010-NMSC-01431,329
03/04/2010McNeill v. Rice Eng'g & Operating2010-NMSC-01531,686
03/23/2010State v. Johnson2010-NMSC-01629,664
03/23/2010Cable v. Wells Fargo Bank NM, NA2010-NMSC-01730,787
04/01/2010State v. Santiago2010-NMSC-01831,247
04/28/2010State v. Tafoya2010-NMSC-01930,396
04/14/2010Kersey v. Hatch2010-NMSC-02031,325
04/30/2010Ortiz v. Overland Express2010-NMSC-02131,612
04/27/2010Ideal v. Burlington Res. Oil & Gas Co.2010-NMSC-02231,491
05/13/2010Garcia v. State2010-NMSC-02331,328
06/02/2010Charley v. Johnson2010-NMSC-02432,337
05/12/2010State v. Savedra2010-NMSC-02531,288
06/04/2010State v. Morales2010-NMSC-02631,360
06/08/2010State v. Sims2010-NMSC-02730,827
06/15/2010State v. Salas2010-NMSC-02830,967
06/17/2010Jolley v. Associated Elec. & Gas Ins. Svcs.2010-NMSC-02932,032
06/17/2010United Rentals NW v. Yearout Mechanical2010-NMSC-03031,860
06/22/2010Akins v. United Steel Workers2010-NMSC-03131,637
06/23/2010State v. Jackson2010-NMSC-03231,745
06/24/2010City of Santa Fe v. Martinez2010-NMSC-03331,785
06/24/2010Schultz v. Pojoaque Tribal Police Dept.2010-NMSC-03431,374
06/25/2010Romero v. Philip Morris2010-NMSC-03531,433
06/25/2010State v. Mailman2010-NMSC-03631,092
07/13/2010In re Convisser2010-NMSC-03732,019
06/08/2010State v. Harrison2010-NMSC-03831,224
07/13/2010State v. Henley2010-NMSC-03931,218
08/03/2010Kilgore v. Fuji Heavy Indus.2010-NMSC-04031,750
08/09/2010State v. Juan2010-NMSC-04131,319
08/18/2010State v. Branch2010-NMSC-04231,538
09/03/2010Edward C. v. City of Albuquerque2010-NMSC-04331,907; 31,917
10/07/2010State v. Mendez2010-NMSC-04431,723
10/19/2010State v. Rudy B.2010-NMSC-04531,909
10/19/2010State v. Rivera2010-NMSC-04631,656
10/25/2010Guest v. Allstate Ins. Co.2010-NMSC-04731,602; 31,603
10/26/2010El Paso Elec. Co. v. N.M. Pub. Regulation Comm'n2010-NMSC-04832,183
11/10/2010New Energy Economy v. Shoobridge2010-NMSC-04932,396; 32,409
10/18/2010Progressive Nw. Ins. Co. v. Weed Warrior Servs.2010-NMSC-05032,220
10/18/2010Jordan v. Allstate Ins. Co.2010-NMSC-05132,063; 32,065; 32,203