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Supreme Court of New Mexico – New Mexico Appellate Reports – 2009
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Filing DateShort TitleOpinion NumberDocket No.
12/01/2008State v. Zamarripa2009-NMSC-00130,210
01/22/2009Jones v. Murdoch2009-NMSC-00230,977
02/09/2009State of NM ex rel League of Women Voters v. Herrera2009-NMSC-00331,386
01/29/2009State v. Holly2009-NMSC-00429,488
02/04/2009Salas v. Mountain States Mutual Casualty Co.2009-NMSC-00530,735
02/12/2009Bianco v. Horror One Productions2009-NMSC-00630,747
02/20/2009Durham v. Guest2009-NMSC-00730,656
02/20/2009Cortez v. Cortez2009-NMSC-00830,717
02/24/2009Grygorwicz v. Trujillo2009-NMSC-00930,939
03/05/2009State of N.M. ex rel Gary King v. UU Bar Ranch Ltd.2009-NMSC-01030,722
02/20/2009Primetime Hospitality, Inc. v. City of Albuquerque2009-NMSC-01130,543
02/26/2009State v. Trujillo2009-NMSC-01230,318
03/11/2009Marbob Energy Corp. v. N.M. Oil Conservation Comm.2009-NMSC-01330,710
03/31/2009State v. Hubble2009-NMSC-01430,663
04/02/2009State v. Quick2009-NMSC-01530,916
04/07/2009State v. Myers2009-NMSC-01630,993
04/21/2009State v. Gallegos2009-NMSC-01730,453
04/22/2009State v. Nozie2009-NMSC-01830,620
04/23/2009State v. Pieri2009-NMSC-01931,119
04/28/2009State v. Chavarria2009-NMSC-02030,486
04/29/2009Cordova v. World Finance Corp. of NM2009-NMSC-02130,536
05/21/2009State v. Riordan2009-NMSC-02231,586
05/20/2009Beggs v. City of Portales2009-NMSC-02330,558
05/22/2009State v. Barr2009-NMSC-02430,191
05/12/2009State v. Belanger2009-NMSC-02530,654
05/26/2009City of Las Cruces v. Sanchez2009-NMSC-02631,097
05/27/2009State v. Evans2009-NMSC-02730,443; 30,454
05/26/2009State v. Macias2009-NMSC-02830,741
05/29/2009State v. Torrez2009-NMSC-02929,869
06/17/2009Duran v. Eichwald2009-NMSC-03031,372
06/08/2009Waters-Haskins v. NM Human Services Dept.2009-NMSC-03131,300
06/17/2009DeWitt v. Rent-A-Center, Inc.2009-NMSC-03230,640
06/18/2009State v. Sewell2009-NMSC-03330,897
06/22/2009State v. Trossman2009-NMSC-03431,010
06/23/2009State v. Chavez2009-NMSC-03531,202
06/23/2009Bishop v. Evangelical Good Samaritan Society2009-NMSC-03630,899
06/24/2009State v. Willie2009-NMSC-03730,909; 31,104
06/25/2009State v. Garza2009-NMSC-03830,715
06/25/2009State v. Williamson2009-NMSC-03931,174
06/26/2009Marquez v. Hatch2009-NMSC-04031,367
07/20/2009Chapman v. Varela2009-NMSC-04131,234
08/07/2009City of Las Cruces v. Rogers2009-NMSC-04230,785
08/25/2009State v. Anaya2009-NMSC-04331,106
08/26/2009Garcia v. Gutierrez2009-NMSC-04431,263
08/31/2009State v. Santiago2009-NMSC-04530,953
09/01/2009State v. Garcia2009-NMSC-04630,937
09/10/2009State of NM, ex rel Hanosh v. State of NM, ex rel King2009-NMSC-04731,363
09/15/2009Davis v. Devon Energy Corporation2009-NMSC-04830,956; 30,957; 30,958
09/24/2009State v. Johnson2009-NMSC-04931,215
09/28/2009State v. Nick R.2009-NMSC-05030,657
09/29/2009State v. Correa2009-NMSC-05131,455
11/30/2009In the Matter of Death Penalty Sentencing Jury Rules2009-NMSC-05209-8300-042
11/30/2009In the Matter of Death Penalty Sentencing Jury Instructions2009-NMSC-05309-8300-043
11/06/2009State v. Slayton2009-NMSC-05431,244
11/18/2009State v. Marquez2009-NMSC-05531,294
11/25/2009State v. Sosa2009-NMSC-05631,308
12/02/2009Lion’s Gate Water v. D’Antonio2009-NMSC-05731,279