Rule 23-112

23-112. Citations for pleadings and other papers.

A.   Applicability; citation rule appendix. This rule governs the form of citations included in pleadings and papers filed in the courts of this state. Additional citation requirements and examples of correct forms of citation are included in an appendix immediately following this rule.

B.   State appellate court citations. For citation to opinions of the New Mexico Supreme Court and New Mexico Court of Appeals, use of the vendor neutral citation with citation to both reporters is required. For citations for opinions issued prior to January 1, 1996, that do not have a vendor neutral citation, follow citation rules in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

C.   Subsequent history. Subsequent history, when cited, shall include the vendor neutral citation for certiorari information, as assigned by the Supreme Court. When a vendor neutral citation number is not available, the Supreme Court docket number shall be substituted for the vendor neutral citation.

D.   Pinpoint citations. If a pinpoint citation is used:

(1)   for opinions issued after 1996 that have a paragraph number, the paragraph number shall be used after the vendor neutral citation.

(2)   for opinions issued prior to 1997 or if paragraph numbering is unavailable, the applicable page number of the New Mexico Reports and Pacific Reporter print publication shall be used.

E.   Citation to New Mexico statutes. Citations to the New Mexico statutes shall be to the chapter, article and section of the 1978 compilation of the New Mexico Statutes Annotated (NMSA).

F.   Citation to court rules and uniform jury instructions. Citation to the rules, uniform jury instructions and forms promulgated or approved by the Supreme Court shall be to the New Mexico Rules Annotated (NMRA) version by set and rule number. You may also use the citation form approved by the Supreme Court and published in the NMRA. For example, Rule 4A-100 NMRA provides that rules published in set number 4A of the NMRA may be cited as "Domestic Relations Form 4A-___. If the rule has been amended since the date the proceedings were filed, it may be necessary to refer to the year of the version of the rule relied upon in the pleading or paper. In such cases the year of the NMRA is added after "NMRA".

G.   Administrative code. If a pleading or paper cites a state agency rule or regulation, the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) shall be cited using Title, Chapter, Part and Section. It may also be necessary to use a year after "NMAC" to identify the year of the rule applicable to the pending case;

H.   Bluebook citations. Except as provided in Paragraphs A through F and the appendix of this rule, the form of citations as set forth in the current edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation shall be used for all citation reference for all pleadings and other papers filed in all courts in this state.

[Approved, effective June 4, 2004, as amended by Supreme Court Order 05-8300-16, effective August 15, 2005; by Supreme Court Order 07-8300-11, effective May 10, 2007; by Supreme Court Order 08-8300-023, effective August 20, 2008.]